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In 2020 Verkykerskop suddenly and unexpectedly changed hands in a time that was not logical for renewal and challenges. This unique town in the Eastern Free State was recently rebuilt with faith, love for nature and a lot of perseverance to get it back to its full potential. Here, history and renewal meet in a unique way, and are the perfect place for functions and weddings.

SINCE 1920


The farm Aansluit on which the village was  established, is where five roads from all directions come together. After the Boer war this logical point of co-location soon developed not only  as commercial center, but was the heart of community life where Nagmaal was served once a month.

The first dwelling on the farm Annasdal to the east of the village was a hartbeeshuisie of over 120 years still standing together with the ruins of the old Waenhuis and klipkraal, now used as camping site. The Annasdal farmstead stood on the main road (“aan de wagen wegt”) between Natal and Transvaal passing through Verkykerskop. The sandstone paving at places along the road is still remaining to this day.

The old “Eenman Skooltjie” was built in 1920 and closed in 1950. Some of the farmers still farming in the area have schooled in this small building. it has been renovated and now serves as a guest cottage.

In the old days the subsistence farmers brought their maize to the old mill house in the village for milling en selling the excess not used on the farm. The mill house still stands to this day.

The old post house serves as an office for the Boerevereniging. The old Jewish shop is now being restored and renovated into guest accommodation. The old blacksmith shop now serves as a residence.

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